Where there is Fall Out Boy there is controversy, and once again they’re causing mass debate, this time over their brand new single, a twist on the old Ghostbusters theme for the remake.

t is this song that has sparked many people to do as they seemingly always do these days every time the group release a new track and explain how they’ve ‘sold out’ or ‘changed for fame’ or in this songs case, a person decided to comment… I feel like reporting this video for violent or repulsive content… because I feel physically sick listening to this bastardization of something I love from my childhood

But are Fall Out Boy really sellouts, or have they simply just evolved with the times?

It’s easy to go with the former statement, given their gritty, underground punk sound has been swapped for a more easy-going pop-rock style. This has angered some of the die-hards, as they seemingly enter a pit of rage every time a track that sounds nothing like anything from their earlier albums emerges , forgetting that every band changes sound at some point, and you just have to accept it. And in the argument that they have sold out just to get a bit of fame, have they really? Every album apart from their greatest hits has been a top 10, and in 2007, their arguable peak, they scored a number 1 album with ‘Infinity On High’ and chances are they weren’t sell-outs to you then.

The evolution point, however, makes a lot more sense. Disregarding anything from pre-2005 days, Fall out Boy burst onto the scene with their debut album, getting both love and hate from public and critics, with a lot of people saying it was ‘emo trash’ but at the same time a lot of people praising it as a breath of fresh air. Their next album saw further musical evolution, with their gritty sound being slightly toned down and instead cleaner vocals and slightly less distorted guitar beats were introduced. ‘Folie A Deux’ saw another great change, with their music becoming stylistically a lot cleaner and well polished, and in general easier for people not accustomed to their style to listen to.

And then came the hiatus.

After the hiatus Fall Out Boy came back with a completely fresh sound, it was melodic rock at times and a lot less gritty. Songs like ‘Young Volcanoes’ highlighted the change, with Patrick’s voice being at the forefront and no longer hiding behind anything. The change continued and their latest effort abbreviated as ‘AB/AP’ even has a couple of pop songs, showing they’re not afraid to change with the times and progress their sound as their careers do the same. It is clear that this isn’t selling out, it is simply evolving to avoid being left behind.

As the band once said, selling-out is finding something that sells well and doing it over and over again, never trying something else, but we all know that isn’t the case, as we see a new style every album, so no, they haven’t sold out, no matter how over-produced their latest single is (which by the way they didn’t even write) and no matter how far their sound changes from their early material, they are a band that will always take risks, and always change with the times.