Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week or so, you’ll have noticed that established UK rock band You Me At Six seem to be making a return.

As they are a band that, for the last year, aside from a charity event, have been missing (and now I refuse to count the APMA acceptance speech as an appearance, I refuse to even accept it happened), it is no surprise that this return is getting people talking.

But is it just down to the fact they are returning?

Definitely not. Why?

Because the band have chosen to return in the most thought provoking and annoying way possible. It all started with a 30 minute game of hangman on periscope spelling out NIGHTPEOPLE which I completely did not waste my time on, and has since developed into a number of Tweet teasers which people don’t know if it’s for single names, new lyrics, or just fun phrases the band want us to read far too much into.

Whatever this is, the majority of the fan base want answers quickly, while others are willing to see how long this drags on for.

Personally, I am on the former side of the fan base, having been wanting new music from the band for a good year or so, especially after being gravely let down by Cavalier Youth, which brings me on to my next point.

What will the album (presuming that is what it is) sound like?

After the previous album being a throwaway for me, I am hoping the next record YMAS put out returns to the band’s roots in a way, with a more raw, not necessarily anti-radio sound but certainly one that isn’t completely geared towards it.

Take ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ for example, the album sounded unique and easily identifiable as a rock album, while still being able to have songs the radio soaked up and played as much as possible, helping the band achieve arena status whereas ‘Cavalier Youth’, which by this point in the article is slowly becoming the bane of my life, could be mistaken for a rock wannabee album from a British version of 5 Seconds Of Summer…nasty.

Luckily, though, I do have complete faith in You Me At Six to manage to pull off whatever style they do choose and hopefully they will produce an album that reminds everyone exactly why they were catapulted into a slot as one of the UK’s brightest bands.