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India’s battle for their lost vanity

Virat Kohli and co will partake in the marquee event with hopes from the Indian fans that the team will do them proud. For me, especially, it is … Read More

A move to bring retro music back to vogue

Our love for music will never fade as it is the universal language that bonds humanity across various races. Speaking of any genre of music would … Read More
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Virat Kohli’s fleeting love affair with the Indian Premier League

Batsmen suffering from a form slump is never a new incident and after a couple of gritty matches, they are back as stiff as a rod rod once … Read More

Mankading: The Sportsmanship vs ethics debate

There is huge rancour going on in the cricket fraternity with regards to whether the spirit of the game should precede over the ethicality of the … Read More

The metamorphosis of Afghanistan cricket

The glory days for Afghanistan cricket are about bloom after they beat Ireland in a one-off Test match in Dehradun. The associate nations are rising, … Read More


Come the 30th of May, the World Cup campaign initiates for cricketing giants as they lock horns for the prestigious title of "world champions". The … Read More