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A move to bring retro music back to vogue

Our love for music will never fade as it is the universal language that bonds humanity across various races. Speaking of any genre of music would … Read More

What is music licensing, who needs it, how and why it is crucial for your business

Royalty free music or music licensing is a piece of music which offers a simple and cost-effective solution to acquire a thoroughly produced music … Read More

What do I need to become a music producer?

Music producers are responsible for helping musicians to achieve the best possible sound quality and the best sonics for any music that the artist … Read More

What is You Me At Six’s #NIGHTPEOPLE?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week or so, you'll have noticed that established UK rock band You Me At Six seem to be making a … Read More

Five Future Reading and Leeds Headliners

With Reading and Leeds, the last of the big festivals this summer, drawing nearer, it's that time in which people decide to debate the future … Read More

Eight songs you must have on your rock festival playlist

It's almost that time. Festival season is drawing closer to its finish, with Glastonbury already out the way and the rest all but days … Read More